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PS3 EXTRANET v2.10 by 0_obeWAN
Last Release: Aug 17, 2016
Downloads: 18125

Web portal for PlayStation 3 with links to Homebrew, managers, mods, ...

This package will allow you access to the PS3 EXTRANET portal in 12 languages to choose:
Arabic, Brasil (Portuguese), Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japan, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Video: YouTube Link
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3 EXTRANET v2.10 08/17/16 18081 Download
- No more need USB key;)

- Now it's possible to download packages

- Classic packages Download to hdd0 /packages and install via Package Manager ...
- Select the "background download". Once the packages downloaded it appears as a bubble to install in Games category ...

Update Webman-MOD in the last current version 1.43.33 to support

@Aldostools Thank you for all his work

1 / Download the package "PS3 EXTRANET Multi.pkg Install" and install it with multiMAN or the Package Manager
2 / Launch homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" from the column "Game"
3 / Select "Install PS3 EXTRANET in Network" and press the [X]
4 / Select the language of your choice and press the [X] The installation starts ...
5 / Once completed, restart the console as proposed by selecting "YES" 2 times in a row
The portal "EXTRANET PS3" is now accessible via the "Network" column on the XMB
6 / You can uninstall homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" column "Game"
Note: To uninstall PS3 EXTRANET column "Network" repeat steps 1-3 and select "Unistall PS3 EXTRANET from Network" then uninstall homebrew "Installer / Uninstaller multi languages" column "Game"
Name Version Released Hits DL Link