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PS3 Lock v0.91 by MixeryMaxe
Last Release: Jun 16, 2016
Downloads: 9588

PS3Lock is a plugin used as authentication-system for CFW. A personal password protects your PS3 against unauthorized access or gives you restricted access. XMB Settings, deleting of content files (apps/homebrews, game-data, video, music and pictures) and system update all can be locked.

Download: PS3Lock_v0.91_+_SRC (mediafire)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3 Lock Installer Updater v0.91 06/16/16 9569 Download

Changes in PS3 Lock v0.91
fixed a bug that didn't shut down the PS3 after 3 incorrect password entries (thx to noctis90210)

Changes in PS3 Lock v0.9
- Added system update block for CFW 4.80 (thx to ermak86)
- Added support for all pad ports (1-7) and BD-Remote (thx to atreyu187 and stefa11)
- Added polish language (thx to darekspy)
- Added installer-pkg

- After installation, at first boot you will be prompted to define a password (min. 2 digits, max. 10 digits).
- Set the password using the pad buttons
With L3 you can cancel the entry and with R3 you can save the password.‚Äč

- After saving, the PS3 is protected by this password and is required after each restart.
- After 3 incorrect entries the PS3 will shut down automatically.
- Authentication is done in the same way as you save it or via an USB device.
- You have to set up this USB device and this device have to be in "/dev_usb000" (most right, close to BD drive) on PS3 startup.

Don't forget to enable "USB authentication" in the settings menu.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link