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Play Manager v1.12 by _Slash_
Last Release: Apr 6, 2020
Downloads: 33060

Another backup manager based on the open source project Iris Manager.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Play Manager v1.12 04/06/20 7064 Download
Play Manager v1.12
- Added support for CFW 4.82 DEX, 4.83 CEX, 4.84 CEX/DEX, 4.85 CEX, 4.86 CEX

Play Manager v1.11
- Added support for the CFW 4.82 CEX
- Added the option of temperature notifications
- Several minor corrections

Source Code:

Play Manager v1.10
- Fixed the issue that prevented the load of PS2 games.
- Added support for CFW 4.81 DEX.

Play Manager v1.09
- Corrected the detection of CFWs that share the same TOC.
- Added the option to enable / disable manager priority in the Tools menu.

Play Manager v1.08
- Added support for CFW 4.80 DEX and 4.81 CEX
- Icon priority is enabled by default in this version

Play Manager v1.07
- Added support for CFW 4.80 CEX

Play Manager v1.06 (unreleased)
- Added support for CFW 4.78 CEX/DEX.
- Fixed the tool for ISO creation (Thanks to Estwald).
- Added Controlfan using sm.sprx for Mamba/Cobra if sm.self isn't active (Thanks to Estwald).
- Fixed error hiding gauges caused that the backgorund image dissapear.
- Added a new profile to Controlfan (now 5 in total).
- Added function to copy explore_plugin.sprx & libfs.sprx to USB (useful for people that need to patch them), only go to Global Options > Tools, press L1 + R1 + SELECT + START to start the copy.

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Play Manager v1.11 11/24/17 7992 Download
Play Manager v1.10 12/23/16 6262 Download
Play Manager v1.09 12/10/16 2881 Download
Play Manager v1.08 11/13/16 3395 Download
Play Manager v1.07 04/26/16 5396 Download