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MAMBA/PRX Loader v3.1.4 fixed by various
Last Release: Jan 8, 2017
Downloads: 75307

MAMBA/PRX Loader is a homebrew that allows you to load MAMBA and/or VSH plugins (with MAMBA or PRX Loader) by two different way : at system boot or after.

It provides almost all the features of a CFW Cobra on a regular CFW.
Support from CFW 4.46 to 4.81.

Release Thread:

Release by PS3ITA Team:

Update Note: If you have already any version previous installed on your PS3 uninstall it first to free some space, and if your use Autoloader you need to reinstall-it to update it.

Note2: This application seems that is not supported on consoles with noBD.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Mamba/PRX Loader [unofficial] v3.1.4 fixed 01/08/17 14909 Download

Changes in v3.1.4 (unofficial):
* Added support for CFW 4.81DEX
* (Jan 8) Updated ps2_netemu of 4.75 to 4.81 with the version from Habib 4.81 v1.02
(This version of ps2_netemu.self adds support for decrypted CONFIG on ISO)

Changes in v3.1.3 (unofficial):
* Added support for CFW 4.81CEX

Changes in v3.1.1 (unofficial):
* Added support for CFW 4.80CEX/4.80DEX
* Added ps2emu 4.80

Source code:

Credits to Rancid-O, NzV, Joonie, Estwald, Habib, Zar, deank, Team Cobra, etc.‚Äč

Changes in v3.1.0:
* [MAMBA] Added support for ISO PSP on CFW CEX / DEX 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65, 4.66, 4.70, 4.75 , 4.76, 4.78
* [MAMBA / PS2_EMU] Implemented COBRA 7.3
* [MAMBA] Mamba applies patches to the modules even if you have modified the sprx to patch
* [MAMBA] Minor changes to the functions which apply the patches needed to set up the ISO PS2
* [AUTOLOADER (NEW_CORE)] TMAPI should now work properly

Changes in v3.0.1:
* Updated prx loader payloads 4.75DEX/4.76DEX/4.78DEX
* Updated ps2emu 4.65, 4.66, 4.70, 4.78

Changes in v3.0.0:
* Added support for PS2ISO on 4.46, 4.50, 4.65, 4.66, 4.70, 4.75, 4.76, 4.78 CEX/DEX.
* Add support for CFW 4.78, 4.78DEX

source: Ps3itaTeam @ Github

Changes in v2.1.5:
Mamba updated.

Changes in v2.1.4:
Add support for CFW 4.76, 4.75DEX, 4.60DEX, 4.76DEX

Changes in v2.1.3 (12 Jun 15):
MAMBA updated.

Changes in v2.1.3:
Add support for CFW 4.75.
MAMBA updated (Add support for CFW 4.75)

Changes in v2.1.2:
MAMBA updated (Add support for mmCM)

Changes in v2.1.1: (MARCH 25)
- MAMBA updated Add support for mmCM

Changes in v2.1.1: (MARCH 24)
MAMBA updated: Add support for NetIso (like COBRA)

Changes in v2.1.0:
MAMBA updated:
-Add support for discless (bdmirror) mode with JB format game (dynamic patch of libfs.sprx like COBRA)
-Add support for 4.70DEX
-Code improvement and cleaning

Add remove LV2 memory protection for all rebug cfw bellow 4.53
Add support for 4.70DEX
MAMBA/PRX Loader payload updated: add an opcode to check if its really loaded
Loader and Autoloader will now check if MAMBA/PRX Loader payload is truly installed

Note: I will compile now MAMBA payload with version 4.1.1 of GCC (like COBRA) it save a few ko.

Changes in v2.0.0:
* MAMBA/PRX Loader has now is own payload to load MAMBA instead of using Iris (sky) payload. The new payload will load MAMBA as the same way was stage2.bin on COBRA CFW.
* sys_init_osd.self (Autoloader) is no more firmware specific (payloads are no more embedded in it)
* sys_init_osd.self (Autoloader) will now clear the memory used by COBRA stage1 (if a COBRA CFW is detected and only when cobra was toggled off)

How to use it after system boot:

- Launch "MAMBA/PRX Loader"
- It will load MAMBA and VSH plugins, when it does you will get back to xmb and ear one beep if no error has occurred, if you earn more beep an error has occurred
(see log: /dev_hdd/tmp/MAMBA_PRX_Loader.log)

Note: If you want to load only MAMBA and no VSH plugins hold L1 when "MAMBA/PRX Loader" start.
if you want to load only VSH plugins and no MAMBA (PRX Loader will be used) hold R1 when "MAMBA/PRX Loader" start.

How to use it at system boot (Autoloader):

- Launch "MAMBA/PRX Loader"
- Hold CROSS to install "MAMBA/PRX Autoloader" to your PS3, when it does you will ear one beep if no error has occurred and your ps3 will restart it self, if you earn more beep an error has occurred (see log: /dev_hdd/tmp/MAMBA_PRX_Loader.log) and you will get back to xmb.
- Hold SQUARE to uninstall "MAMBA/PRX Autoloader" from your PS3, when it does you will earn one beep if no error has occurred, if you earn more beep an error has occurred
(see log: /dev_hdd/tmp/MAMBA_PRX_Loader.log)

Boot flags (can be placed in /dev_usb000/core_flags/ or /dev_usb001/core_flags/
or /dev_hdd0/tmp/core_flags/):

- "failsafe" Start in normal mode (MAMBA and VSH plugins are not loaded)
- "mamba_off" Don't load MAMBA (PRX Loader will be used instead of MAMBA to load VSH plugins)
- "noplugins" Don't load VSH plugins at boot
- "verbose" Enable log and write it in /dev_usb000 or /dev_usb001 or /dev_hdd0

Supported CFW:

-CEX: 3.55,4.21,4.30,4.31,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70,4.75,4.76,4.78
-DEX: 3.55,4.21,4.30,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70,4.75,4.76,4.78

VSH plugins:

Load with MAMBA:

-To add or remove VSH plugins it is necessary to edit /dev_hdd0/mamba_plugins.txt

Load with PRX Loader (only if MAMBA is disabled or unsupported):

-To add or remove VSH plugins it is necessary to edit /dev_hdd0/prx_plugins.txt

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Mamba/PRX Loader [unofficial] v3.1.4 fixed 12/20/16 3855 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader [unofficial] v3.1.3 11/06/16 3038 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader [unofficial] v3.1.1 10/31/16 3322 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v3.0.1 02/07/16 10796 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.1.5 11/09/15 3519 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.1.4 09/06/15 4905 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.1.3 06/13/15 7459 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.1.2 03/25/15 4746 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.1.1 03/24/15 2918 Download
Mamba/PRX Loader v2.0.0 03/21/15 2843 Download
MAMBA/PRX Loader v1.5.0 03/19/15 2738 Download
MAMBA AutoLoader v1.2.0 03/17/15 2946 Download
MAMBA AutoLoader v1.1.0 03/16/15 2562 Download
MAMBA AutoLoader v1.0.0 03/16/15 2673 Download