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SEN Enabler v6.2.1 by Evilnat
Last Release: Feb 14, 2019
Downloads: 306930

Allows to enable PSN/SEN access with other options availables.
Works on all CFW, Normal, Rebug, Cobra and DEX



Name Version Released Hits DL Link
SEN Enabler v6.2.1 02/14/19 8258 Download

Improvements v6.2.1
- Added support for webMAN in '/dev_flash' paths on startup in Cobra
- Added support for Cobra 4.81 DEX
- Spoof to 4.84 (Online works again)
Improvements v6.2.0
- Updated Cobra data to 7.55 in all supported CFW
- Improved disable syscalls option
- Removed syscalls patch modes
- Removed IDs patch mode
- Improved Cobra hash fix
- Patch syscalls/IDs/XMB option is now firmware independant (Plugin too)
- Fixed randomly crash while disabling syscalls
- Removed flag files from SEN Plugin
- Added patch IDs on startup in SEN Plugin
- Added disable syscalls on startup in SEN Plugin
- Added patch files source option in SEN Plugin (USB/Internal HDD)
- SEN Plugin updated to v3.33
- Improved code

Improvements v6.1.0

- Added support for CFW 4.83 Cobra
- Added support for XMB modes in 4.83 CFW

Improvements v6.0.9

- Spoof to 4.83 (Online works again)
- Added support for CFW 4.83 CEX/DEX (Not tested, there is no CFW 4.83 atm)
- Updated Cobra data for Rebug 4.82 CEX/DEX
- Updated SEN Plugin to v3.1
- Fixed issue if plugins folder doesn't exist while installing plugin

Improvements v6.0.8

- Updated Cobra data
- Added support for CFW Rebug 4.82 D-REX

Improvements v6.0.7

+ SEN Enabler
- Updated Cobra data
- Cobra version is now showed in PS3 Info
- Cobra support for DEX CFW (4.50/4.65)
- Cobra support for CFW Overflow/Spy
- Fixed Cobra stage2 for 4.76/4.78/4.81 Rebug/4.82 Rebug
- Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
- Real MAC/SPOOFED is now showed in PS3 Info
- Fixed XMB Modes on CFWs 4.82
- Improved code

+ Plugin
- Updated to v3.0
- Fixed memory issue with webMAN MOD on CEX
- Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
- Plugin now uses *.TXT patch files instead default *.BIN
- Improved code

Improvements v6.0.6
*Added Cobra support for Rebug 4.82 CEX
*Updated Cobra data

Improvements v6.0.5 beta 3
* Added spoof to 4.82
* Added support for CFWs 4.82 CEX/DEX
* Added Cobra support for CFW 4.82 CEX (There is no DEX atm)
* Added custom CFW mode for Ferrox 4.82 [COBRA]

Improvements v6.0.4
* Added support for CFWs 4.81 DEX
* Disables Habib's syscall 15
* Updated Cobra data
* Full support for Cobra CFWs
* Russian language updated
* Fixed minor bugs in SEN Plugin
* Updated XMB modes
* Improved code

Improvements v6.0.3
* Added 4.81 spoof (Online works again)
* Added support for future CFWs 4.81 CEX
* SEN Plugin updated to v2.2

Thanks to Annonymous Hack, SOS_VZLA_LIBRE and ZrandiScene for his help

* 4.81 DEX support is disabled, will be updated with the first CFW 4.81 DEX

OFW 4.81 has new cert 'CA59.cer', always is HIGHLY recommended to use latest CFW, in this case 4.81

Improvements v6.0.2
- Added support for CFWs 4.80 CEX/DEX
- Updated Cobra for Rebug 4.78/4.80

Improvements v6.0.1
- Fixed bug in XMB while changing modes (Empty GAME tab)

Improvements v6.0.0
- Spoof to 4.80 (Online works again)

Improvements v5.9.3
- Added support for CFWs 4.78 DEX
- Updated Cobra data for CFWs 4.78 CEX/DEX
- SEN Plugin updated to v2.0

Improvements v5.9.2
- Added 4.78 spoof (Online enabled)
- Added support for CFWs 4.78 CEX
- Added support for CFWs 4.76 DEX (Less PS3ITA CFWs due issues)
- Updated Cobra data for CFWs 4.76 CEX/DEX
- SEN Plugin updated to v1.9

SEN Enabler Plugin v1.9
Thanks to 3141card for PS3 VSH Menu

From v5.4.2 this plugin is available, you can enable it from SEN Enabler option menu
Patcher files must be on HEXADECIMAL, you can use HxD to change them
If you are on Cobra and have PRXLoader too, will use Cobra instead PRXLoader


L1 + R1: Open/close SEN Plugin options menu
START: Do selected option

Show IDs: Show current MAC/CID/PSID
Show temperature: Show current CPU and RSX temperature
Patch MAC: Patch current MAC
Patch ConsoleID and/or PSID: Patch CID or PSID, depend what you want to patch with patch files
Delete history files: Delete files sent to Sony
Disable CFW/Syscalls: Disable CFW's syscalls
Patch all: Patch CID/PSID, hide syscalls, delete history files and disable plugin
Disable plugin: Disable SEN Plugin
Reboot: Reboot PS3 system
Shutdown: Shutdown PS3 system
Language: Select language
Patch files: Select source of patch files (USB only for now)
Syscalls patch mode: Patches syscalls with mode Default/1/2/3
Patch mode: Select option to patch IDs, auto search will find IDs on LV2/LV1 instead use offsets


Screenshots: This option is available on Enable/Disable SEN access menu and Custom spoof menu, enables/disables screenshots options on XMB/Game/Homebrew

Unsigned act/rif: This option is available on Enable/Disable SEN access menu and Custom spoof menu, enables/disables option to use unsigned act.dat and rif files

Disable act.dat deletion: This option is available on Enable/Disable SEN access menu and Custom spoof menu, enables/disables deletion of invalid act.dat

Disable any other spoof and spoof fix: Now can disable any other spoof and spoof fix without restore it before to start with SEN Enabler, use directly if you use another spoof

Updated Cobra stage for DEX: Some Cobra stages was wrong defined to patch, now this must be fixed

Added fix Cobra hash option: This option is available on Settings menu on page 3, will fix current Cobra hash and update stage2, use this if you can't run PS2 games for example (in some cases you need to update PS2EMU)

Spoof checks/tasks updated for more security: I added more checks on spoof options, if appears any problem will stop all process, every task have his own check now

Fixed kernel swapped FW detection/patch with new mode: This option is available on Settings menu on page 3 under Patch mode text, if is set on Default mode will use default method to patch CID, PSID and syscalls, otherwise if is set on Auto search will search all offsets to patch CID, PSID and syscalls, this makes SEN Enabler FW independant for future CFW and if this option works fine without any error i will replace default patch system with this one to make SEN Enabler to work on all future CFW without add compatibility before (Thanks to Joonie for warn me )

Shows recommended MAC Vendor IDs: This text will pop up when MAC is spoofed, will show recommended MAC Vendor ID used by Sony (Thanks to aldostools for the tip )

Deleted junk and improved code: All junk code is deleted and improved the code to make it more efficient

For those who doesn't know how to enable SEN access, go to SEN/PSN Options and select Enable SEN/PSN access (pressing button three times in main menu) and not Custom spoof, 9.99 Spoof is not created to go online, so if you are using 9.99 Spoof DON'T LOG IN ON SEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND NEVER ENABLE PS3'S NETWORK!!

Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar: (Maybe you need to change "es" to your region, "us", etc...)

To finish, i want to thank all people who have been patient for this release, i developed it at full speed to finish it, it will take a lot of more days to release it, thanks
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
SEN Enabler v6.2.0 12/03/18 16685 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.9 10/12/18 3680 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.8 04/16/18 23431 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.7 03/22/18 5838 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.5 Beta 3 11/22/17 6371 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.5 Beta 2 11/19/17 1643 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.4 01/09/17 39636 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 2.3) v6.0.4 01/09/17 6497 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.3 11/01/16 15071 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 2.2) v6.0.3 11/01/16 3914 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.2 05/07/16 24666 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 2.1) v6.0.2 05/07/16 5644 Download
SEN Enabler v6.0.1 04/21/16 18997 Download
SEN Enabler v5.9.3 01/31/16 14908 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 2.0) v5.9.3 01/31/16 4716 Download
SEN Enabler v5.9.2 01/22/16 4955 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 1.9) v5.9.2 01/22/16 2282 Download
SEN Enabler v5.9.1 10/14/15 14977 Download
SEN Enabler v5.9.0 09/09/15 8754 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 1.8) v5.9.0 09/09/15 4801 Download
SEN Enabler v5.8.2 05/16/15 17406 Download
SEN Enabler v5.8.1 beta 03/28/15 2112 Download
SEN Enabler v5.8.1 04/22/15 5560 Download
SEN Enabler (plugin 1.5) v5.8.1 04/22/15 3309 Download
SEN Enabler v5.8.0 02/28/15 8223 Download
SEN Enabler (Plugin) v5.8.0 02/28/15 3388 Download
SEN Enabler v5.7.4 01/26/15 4898 Download