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HYBRID Manager v1.02 by BillGates
Last Release: Oct 4, 2014
Downloads: 21935

Hybrid Manager is another fork of Iris Manager, based on the original version 2.93 with added support for 4.65, pre-configured for Discless and more aggressive settings for the fan controller.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
HYBRID Manager v1.02 10/04/14 10886 Download
*** The cover in JPG format from multiMAN must be copied to "/dev_hdd0/game/HYBRIDMAN/covers"

Changelog version 1.02:
+ Updated language files: English and Spanish

Changelog version 1.01:
+ Added option to switch from the Japanese Standard buttons (button behavior "CIRCLE") mode

+ Added option to disable the screen "Welcome or Splash Screen"
(these 2 new options are in the menu to change the GUI)

+ Correction minute details in the user interface BIG_COVERS_FX

+ The "FTP Server" is not pre-configured to start after installation.
(in previous versions the installer HYBRID autoiniciaba the FTP server, this could lead to nuisance warnings if RED was not (good) set)

Changelog Version 1.0:
- Changed name to HYBRID Manager and title id to HYBRIDMAN
- Added MAMBA support for CFW 4.65
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Iris Manager (4.65) by BillGates v2.93 09/26/14 3372 Download
HYBRID Manager v1.01 10/02/14 3257 Download
HYBRID Manager v1.00 09/28/14 4310 Download