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Habib Toolbox v1.02.02 by smhabib
Last Release: Oct 13, 2014
Downloads: 93846

Habib Toolbox (formerly Cobra Toggler) is a tool that allows to enable/disable the Cobra features on 4.65 Cobra. It also swaps the ps2emu included in 4.65 Habib Cobra, dump LV1/LV2, Toggle QA, lv2 swap dev_flash or usb000, show IDPS on EID5 and show current status of Cobra and ps2emu.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Habib Toolbox for 4.65 v1.02.02 10/13/14 17741 Download
TOGGLE QA FLAG (Standalone) v1.02.02 10/13/14 23900 Download
Changes in 1.02.02
- Fixed a bug that prevented the console from being QA Flagged if it hadn’t previously been flagged before.

QA flag has been ported to habib toolbox (for 4.21 and above) and is bumped to v1.02.02 with many new features:
1.lv1 dump
2.lv2 swap from dev_flash or usb000
3.toggle qa

Cobra Toggler is also now known as Habib Toolbox:
*dumps LV2
*user friendly GUI
*shows IDPS from EID5
*shows current status of cobra and ps2emu
*can swap ps2emu
*can swap between cobra and non-cobra

Cobra Toggle:
1.go to install package files and install the toggler the app to swap back and forth (also swaps ps2emu)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Habib Toolbox for 4.65 v1.02.01 10/10/14 4049 Download
Habib Toolbox for 4.65 v1.02 09/17/14 36673 Download
Habib Toolbox for 4.65 v1.01 09/16/14 4027 Download
Cobra Toggler v1.00 09/13/14 3597 Download
TOGGLE QA FLAG (Standalone) v1.00 10/10/14 3729 Download