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IDPSet v0.93 by zar
Last Release: Jun 25, 2021
Downloads: 111501

IDPSet is a tool to make CEX and DEX dump and you can permanently change your console IDPS (NAND and NOR) and change the PSID too. You just have to run IDPSet on your CFW (with eid_root_key and valid idps.bin on the root of your USB key).

It can generate a DEX and CEX dump of the current NOR/NAND that is compatible with the REBUG switch CEX<->DEX function. Easy to use, Windows is not needed!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
IDPSet v0.93 06/25/21 34353 Download
Changelog v0.93
-Add : Support CFW 4.87C & 4.88C

Changelog v0.92
-Add : Support CFW 4.86C

Changelog v0.91
-Add : Support fw 4.85C

Changelog v0.90
-Add : Support fw 4.84C and 4.84D [Updated by theheroGAC]

Changelog v0.89
-Add : Support fw 4.83C

Changelog v0.88
-Add : Support IDPS from latest ps3 models
-Add : eid_root_key dumper is working on almost every cfw

Changelog v0.87
-Added : fw independant
-Added : root key dumper 4.75D (thanks to Joonie who ported it)
-Added : more message in the log to be more aware of what's going on and also to allow me to know precisly what's causing some 'random' freeze (thanks to your feedbacks ofc)

Note :
-The root key dumper and Converter are not fw indepedant
-We can't write PSP IDPS in the EID0 without bricking the system.

Changelog v0.84
Added : Swap of "software_update_plugin.sprx"

Changelog v0.83
Fix: random freeze

Changelog v0.82
-Fix : No more freeze when making CEX&DEX dumps with a DEX system

Changelog v0.80
-The dumps no longer have the attribute "system"

Changelog 0.79
- Add : version nb in TITLE
- Add : progress bar
- Add : new UI
- Removed : all PSID stuff
- Removed : save/load from/to file
- Add : "dump eid_root_key" only for 421C, 450C, 446C, 453C, 465C (ty flatz and zecoxao)
- Add : "Convert to DEX/CEX" only for rebug
- Add : "Make CEX/DEX dumps" is faster
- Add : support fw 4.65 (4.66 too btw)

Changelog 0.62
- Added the default paths of FLATZ's eid_root_key dumpers
- Added a check of eid_root_key
- And now it's display the region matching with the target ID
- Fix name of dumps

The idps.bin and eid_root_key must be in the root of the USB.

Known issue:
Dumps & the root_key file have the attribut "system", i don't know why, and i don't know how to remove it with the ps3 system. But here the cmd to remove it with windows.
attrib -R -A -S -H -I eid_root_key

eEID Root key dumper by flat_z is supported only on CEX CFW 3.55 and 4.50.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
IDPSet v0.92 05/31/20 6156 Download
IDPSet v0.91 09/11/19 5936 Download
IDPSet v0.90 04/18/19 5098 Download
IDPSet v0.89 11/10/18 3785 Download
IDPSet v0.88 08/15/18 2870 Download
IDPSet v0.87 09/23/15 26710 Download
IDPSet v0.84 02/21/15 8791 Download
IDPSet v0.83 01/03/15 4253 Download
IDPSet v0.82 12/22/14 2711 Download
IDPSet v0.80 12/07/14 3478 Download
IDPSet v0.79 12/05/14 2527 Download
IDPSet v0.62 08/26/13 2616 Download