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ROLL BOSS RUSH v1.08a by isufje
Last Release: Aug 11, 2014
Downloads: 4997

This is a PlayStation 1 Homebrew Game package for use on the PlayStation 3. This homebrew creation for the PS1 is packaged for the PS3 using Retro XMB creator v1.6.5. View Game Description in the release notes..
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
ROLL BOSS RUSH v1.08a 08/11/14 4992 Download
Game Description:
You play as Megaman's sister ROLL, but not the Roll based on the Japanese Canon, but the Ruby Spears MegaMan Cartoon.

There are now 4 difficulty levels (easy-normal-hard & one-hit). You choose one main weapon (straight-spread-charge or burst) and one sub-weapon (vacuum-toaster-saw). You can also now choose between fighting 1 or 2 bosses at the same time (mono-melee) regardless of difficulty level.

During battles you can grab your enemy and absorb their power and use it against them. She can even perform some physical attacks such as a drop kick. You also have a super meter that allows you to perform a SUPER MOVE. Based on what weapon you're currently using, you can perform different SUPER MOVES.

Each boss has a weakness, much like every other megaman game. At the end of each battle, you're given a grade based upon your performance, an information Token, and a Password.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link