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COBRA CFW Tools v2.00 by bitsbubba
Last Release: Jun 17, 2014
Downloads: 174381

** This tool has been superseded by Ultimate Toolbox **

This pack of useful Tools for Cobra 7 CFW: ROGERO & HABIB 4.46/4.53/4.55 , contains an option to add the XMB In-Game ScreenShot Patch, 21 custom coldboots, 15 custom gameboots, 10 custom start up sounds, 13 custom waves, then also Custom webMAN XMB with Classic Install Package Files & Rebug / XMBM+ Package Manager Support. It also installs the Remote Play patch and new icons for PSP Launcher.

If you have a previous release installed, uninstall it before installing a new one
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
COBRA CFW Tools v2.00 06/17/14 85309 Download
PlayStation Home Icon Swap v1.0 12/01/13 18280 Download
Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v2.0:
* Added 4.46 REBUG/Cobra support
* Added Plug in installer (webMAN/webMAN MOD/PSNPatch/Habib/Ingame screenshot~music)
* Added Boot Plugin changer
* Added Remote Play Patch 4.55 (4,46/4.53/4.55 included)
* Added Cinavia patch 4.46/4.53/4.55 (faster single file install)
* Added 15 custom gameboots for 4.46 (other FWs possibly soon)
* Added 21 custom coldboots
* Added 10 custom start up sounds
* Added 13 custom waves (tested on NTSC)
* Added multiMAN priority ON/OFF
* Added Newer custom icons for webMAN (plus brunolee's folder icons)
* Added aldostools newest XMBM+ Mod

Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v1.29a:
* added webMAN 1.29 sprx
* added in-game music (experimental/beta)

Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v1.27e:
* brought back InGame ScreenShots option to menu
* new Screenshot Patches to Rogero 1.00 Mixed with Cobra (instead of pre-patched 1.01 I was using)
* HABIB-Cobra 1.XX (original using habib's pre-patched 1.03A file)

Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v1.27d:
* added mmTOOLS links

Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v1.27c:
* webMAN's latest sprx (thanks @deank )
* link to quit webMAN (in webMAN XMB+)
* option to install/uninstall custom icons to normal webMAN
* newest XMBM+ (Mod) by @aldostools

Changelog for Cobra CFW Tools v1.27:

* As always latest webMAN (webftp_server.sprx) thanks @deank
* Compatiblity 4.46/4.53 Cobra CFWs
* Added categories/icons to webMAN XMB+ (renamed for new functions) [still more to add ]
* Remote play patch 4.46/4.53
* Cinavia patch 4.46 (also @smhabib BD patch)
* Update/Disable webMAN
* PlaystationHome~IconSwap separate install (with in webMAN XMB+ options)
* PSP Launcher/Remasters custom Icons
* Changed app icon & webMAN XMB+ icon (to differ of mM)
* More to come

Note: please uninstall older version before installing v1.29a
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
COBRA CFW Tools v1.29a 01/20/14 15243 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.27e 01/01/14 15214 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.27d 12/31/13 3800 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.27a 12/31/13 3992 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.27 12/30/13 4007 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.24 12/10/13 5080 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.23a 12/09/13 3928 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.22 12/08/13 3792 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.21 12/06/13 3888 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.20 12/05/13 3755 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.18a 12/01/13 3993 Download
COBRA CFW Tools v1.18 11/30/13 3966 Download