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PluginX v1.01 by exofreak
Last Release: Nov 22, 2013
Downloads: 13974

This tool removes most of the steps steps needed to apply the initial flash mod to mount game backups directly from XMB using webMAN, reducing the risks to limit user error. You no longer need to dev_flash and copy files, all will be done for you. Its a great tool for noobs, wanting an easy yet risk limiting method.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PluginX v1.01 11/22/13 13939 Download
* Gameboots custom: We will have the opportunity to change or add any custom Gameboot with one of the 16 present.
* Facebook Plugin: The category of friends plugin that integrates Facebook into your XMB (Warning: It will erase your list of friends Playstation Network).
* TV Channels: This plugin allows us to install 30 free TV channels thanks to the most popular web applications including TV bbc, itv, youtube, abc, video and many others all accessible from the XMB.
* Stealth XMB: Remove calls * Install Package Files and app_home to make "genuine" the look of our Playstation 3 just as if we had installed an Original Firmware, there is the opportunity to reapply at a later time (we recommend the use of the toolbox for the installation of the packages).
* Replace Coldboot: Through this call we will be able to install any coldboot in our USB drive.
* (NEW in v1.01) category_game.xml: Replace category_game.xml with ease for webMAN's "My Games" directory to appear on XMB.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link