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Cobra PSX Launcher v1.0 by Cobra
Last Release: Jan 2, 2012
Downloads: 20286

Launcher for Playstation (PS1) ISO games mounted on Cobra CFW.
Fixes issues playing PAL games on NTSC systems and vicenversa on certain systems.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSX Launcher v1.0 01/02/12 20263 Download
Some users have reported problems with some PAL ps1 games on NTSC systems and viceversa. It is a bug that only affects a portion of users. This package solves those problems.

Instructions: after selecting a ps1 game of different TV system wtith mmCM, launch the included application instead of starting the ps1 game with the disc icon.
If the game is of your TV system or if you don't have this problem at all, we recommend to play the game using the disc icon, as always, as it is expected to have bigger compatibility.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link