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Cobra PSP Launcher v2.00 by Cobra
Last Release: Nov 19, 2013
Downloads: 653997

The psp launcher is needed to load PSP games in ISO format mounted from mmCM or webMAN on Cobra 7.x CFW.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSP Launcher Fixed [jjkkyu] v2.00 12/13/13 257594 Download
PSP Remasters 3D no adhoc [butnut] v2.00 01/02/14 48246 Download
PSP Remasters 3D [butnut] v2.00 01/02/14 37966 Download
PSP Remasters Launcher Fixed [jjkkyu] v2.00 12/13/13 88048 Download
PSP Remasters Launcher MOD [atreyu187] v2.00 11/19/13 40823 Download
PSP Launcher [Official by COBRA] v2.0 01/02/12 138735 Download
Priority OFF for PSP Launcher v0.01 07/13/14 15514 Download
Priority ON for PSP Launcher v0.01 07/13/14 26479 Download
[*] PSP Launchers Fixed by the PS3 developer jjkkyu is a set of Cobra PSP ISO launchers in PSP MINIS and PSP Remasters modes with added support for adhoc party and right analog stick support.

[*] PSP Remaster Launcher by butnut are two modified versions of PSP Remaster Launcher by @jjkkyu with 3D enabled. One is exactly the same as jjkkyu's, the other has that Japanese language AD-HOC menu disabled.

Once you run the PSP game you will need to press the PS button and scroll over to Settings/Game Settings and you should see some new options including 3D listed there.

These packages can be used even if you do not have a 3DTV but of course your games will be displayed in 2D only.

[*] About PSP ISO Launcher [Remaster MOD by atreyu187]:
"It isn't complete and really should only be used to test on other games with black screen. Until I sort out the additional MINIS2.EDAT & MINIS2.TXT I am afraid Remasters support will not be fully enabled. This has broken a few games for me but also helped me run four previously non-working games as well."

How to install PSP Launcher

* Copy "PSP Launcher 2.0.pkg" to the root of a USB stick/drive and install from [* Install Package Files] in XMB Game column.

How to launch games

* Copy your PSP ISO files to /PSPISO
* Mount your PSP ISO with webMAN or mmCM
* Launch the mounted PSP game in ISO format with PSP Launcher from XMB

Name Version Released Hits DL Link