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Simplicity v2.58.3 by StevenCapes
Last Release: Nov 1, 2013
Downloads: 3307

Simplicity is a modified version of the well known backup loaded “Iris Manager”. The source version I started with is v2.58 by Estwald. The main reason for this fork was to simplify the GUI and make it look a little more polished.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Simplicity v2.58.3 11/01/13 2368 Download
It is recommend to remove any old version before installing this version!!!

Changes for Simplicity v2.58.3
-removed game config icons (Direct Boot & Requires Disc) from game selection
-made adjustments to the grammar throughout…
-removed unnecessary notifications
-removed the “Favorites” function
-changed the font to the default PS3 font
-added support for DEX versions 4.41, 4.46, and 4.50
-cleaned up some of the coding and changed version to 2.58.3 (2.58.2 was a beta for DEX support)

Changes for Simplicity v2.58.1
Added back the USB overlay.

Changes from Iris Manager: Initial Release
Background colors have been removed, leaving a simple black.
Music has been completely removed.
Date, Time, Temp, and Device Space has also been removed.
In cover flow mode game sorting by console has been removed.
FTP Icon’s color has been changed.
Other minor GUI changes were made.
Navigation controls have been altered. ( “X” is accept, “O” is back, “Triangle” is game settings, “Square” is not used, “Select” is global settings “, “Start” is not used )

The rest stayed the same.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Simplicity v2.58.1 10/30/13 927 Download