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Unofficial Iris Manager v2.68 by Alexander
Last Release: Oct 6, 2013
Downloads: 18653

Unofficial Iris Manager is a fork of the Iris Manager created by Eswald (Hermes) / D_Skywalk.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.68 10/06/13 7548 Download
Changes in version 2.68
- Arabic language has been added (Thanks to Haider Kiara)
- Persian language has been removed (Due to poor translation, it was unnecessary to include it. Will be added back later if some users kindly got the result)
- Automatic recognition of language (beta)
- PAYLOAD mode DISCLESS pre-activated (Fake BD) for CFW's 3.55 / 4.30 / 4.46
- New background color: Deep Ruby, Color Ocean, Razzmic Berry and Rich Electric Blue
- Fixed minor bugs for better stability
- Payload 4.50 (Thanks to REIZA72 for the lv1/lv2 dump, IDA PRO and Kakaroto for the lv2_dump_analyser)

Changes in version 2.67U
- Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.46.1 REX / D-REX EDITION and other future CFW 446dex.
- Mode DiscLess 4.46/446dex activated.
- For the rest, has the same characteristics of 2.66U

Changes in version 2.66U:
- Updated languages ​​(Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese) - Thanks to liqianyu-LS.
- Fixed the problem AUDIO output Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2 channels (and not HDMI) - Thanks to Chameleon for reporting.
- Fixed error 0x80010009 on CFW's 4:46 "Habib 1.13/Rogero 1:00 1.01/FERROX"
- Add Payload 4:41 CFW console DEX
- Adding Portuguese Language - Thanks to Rancid-O for both sources
- Fixes some sources of Payload 4:46
- Disc Fake 100% Working (Full Disc mode / USB) There are two versions of Iris 266U, one for 446 and 430. (IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISCLess_446.pkg & IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISC-LESS_430.pkg)
- Updated some portions of the language (to be translated) in: ITALIAN, FRENCH, GALEGO, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, PERSIAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE
- Changed the install destination from "IMANAGER4" to "IMANGER4U." This will serve to not overwrite the official from non-official PS3MOD. (I hope this installation address becomes a starting point for all other versions Unofficial TEAM).
- Cleaning sources from unnecessary parts.

Changes in version 2.65:

- Added new graphical user interface as in 2.5
- Fixed minor bugs
- Improved Stability in CFW's 4:46 LDZ FERROX / HABIB
- ControlFan Utility (ENG) / (Thanks ЯΣIZΛ72 for Testing)

Changes in version 2.60.1:

- Updated the Italian language
- Added Payload 4.46 to ControlFan
- Added Italian Language for ControlFan
- Added Payload for full compatibility with CFW 4.46
- Fixed Compatibility with CFW 4.46 Habib
- Fixed crash on startup on some models FAT of the Homebrew (Thanks GITAKA)
- Fixed minor bugs
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.68U_beta1 09/18/13 1901 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.68Ui_beta1 09/18/13 1535 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.67U 08/06/13 1465 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.66U (4.30) 07/30/13 1455 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.66U (4.30) 07/30/13 1418 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.65U 07/17/13 1387 Download
Unofficial Iris Manager v2.60.1U 07/11/13 1749 Download