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PS3ITA Manager v1.62U by Rancid-o
Last Release: Feb 18, 2014
Downloads: 186895

PS3ita Manager is a backup manager based on the open source code Iris Manager.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3ITA Manager (Unofficial) v1.62U 02/18/14 144972 Download
v1.62, 18/02/14
Added fan control utility fully translated into Italian.
Added support for CFW 4.66-4.53 cobra.
Fixed a bug in the archive manager.
Submitted - Showtime Media Player.
icons of the games will be displayed in the grids cover songs downloaded from gamesonic manager, iris manager and irisman .
Submitted - Multiscanning folder GAMEZ/GAMES/PS3_GAMES/BD_GAMES.
Submitted - Scanning ps1 games in cartelel PS1ISO and PSXGAMES.
Submissions for the discless file for each cfw 3:55 to 4:55.

v1.60, 17/02/14
* Added 4.55 and 4.53 payloads
* Works on all cfw 4.55
* Added option to Change console IDs on cfw-4.55 4.53,
* Added discless files for cfw 4.55

v1.51, 14/10/13
Problem fixed:

- Fixed a small bug in the functions “Restore original console id (EID5)”

v1.50, 13/10/13
New Features:

- Added payload 4.50 DEX.
- “Control fan” now also supports CFW 4.50 DEX.
- Possibility to make “permanent” the console id inserted by keyboard on screen (ONLY FOR CFW 4.50 DEX).
NOTE: the console id will be set automatically when you boot the console, is not necessary start ps3ita manager after every boot (ONLY FOR CFW 4.50 DEX).
- Small adjustments to the values ​​of fan speed.

v1.42, 08/10/13
Problem fixed:
- Fixed a bug that could freeze the grids 6×4 and 8×6.

v1.41, 06/10/13
- Added payload 4.50.
- “Control fan” now also supports CFW 4.50.
- Added “Parental Control” of Iris Manager (thanks Estwald/Hermes! :D )
Note: when the “Parental Control” is active the function START & SELECT are locked and a warning message is displayed.
- “Parental Control” warning message translated in all languages (persian not include).

Thanks to “Habib” and “franzes” (gamesonic admin) for lv1 and lv2 dump

Source Code: link

v1.40, 04/08/13
- Added payload 4.46 DEX.
- Control fan now also supports CFW 4.46 DEX.
Thanks to Hells Guardian (ps3hax member) for lv1 and lv2 dump

v1.30, 21/07/13
New Features:
- Added payload 4.41 DEX.
– Control fan” now also supports CFW 4.41 DEX.
IMPORTANT NOTE: fan control mode is not active by default (mode “# SYSCON”).
To activate it enter in the menu “Tools”, “Control Fan & USB Wakeup” and choose your preferred mode (“# By User” or “payload”).
– Possibility of make “permanent” the console id inserted by keyboard on screen (ONLY FOR CFW 4.41 DEX).
NOTE: the console id will be set automatically when you boot the console, is not necessary start ps3ita manager after every boot (ONLY CFW 4.41 DEX PS3ITA).

- It possible lower the fan speed in mode “# By User” up to 0×33 (What highly NOT recommended anyway).
– Possibility also further lower the values ​​of the mode “Payload”.

Problem fixed:
- Some translation files were saved by mistake with ISO encoding, because of this some accented characters were not displayed.
Now everything should be fine.

v1.21, 09/07/13

- Updated language "CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED" and CHINESE_TRADITIONAL. Thanks to "Liqianyu"!
- You can now display a total of 1024 games (there were 512 in the previous versone). Not tested.

Problem fixed:
- Fixed payload 4.46.
A simple transcription error did not work properly it.
- Fixed some problems with mode disc-less (with cfw 4.21 cex and 4.30 cex not work properly).
Thanks to "Liqianyu" for reporting both problems!!

v1.20, 07/07/13
New Features:
- Added Payload 4.46.
- "Control fan" now also supports the cfw 4.46.
- Added in the "Video Setup", option "Screen set: Grid 8x6". This allows you to display 48 games on one screen.
- Added the Portuguese language.

- Now in the "Video Setup" you can change the different grids while remaining in the same menu, without having to return to the screen of games every time.
- All languages ​​included are upgraded to version 1.20 with 20 new lines translated (Persian language excluded).
- Other small changes/additions made in the source code.

Problem fixed:
- PS3ita Manager now automatically fixed the error 0x80010009 also in the update games.
Because of an small error, the fix for update games was not working in the previous version of manager.

The payload has been tested only on our cfw 4.46 (never released to public..) but it should work without any problem even on cfw Habib and any future cfw 4.46
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3ITA Manager (Unofficial) v1.60U 02/17/14 10812 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.51 10/14/13 9512 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.50 10/13/13 3209 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.42 10/08/13 2802 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.41 10/06/13 2340 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.40 08/04/13 3365 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.30 07/21/13 2426 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.21-test 07/10/13 2205 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.20 07/07/13 2472 Download
PS3ITA Manager v1.11 06/10/13 2472 Download