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Open Manager v2.1 I-2 by wuepe
Last Release: Nov 12, 2010
Downloads: 43357

This is wuepe's version of open manager for the PS3. It allows you to mount / backup PS3 games onto your internal or external hard drive.

Stealth version shows the title ID as NPWR01247 (Call of duty Black Ops) for stealth online play. (Use at own risk)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Open Manager v2.1 I-2 11/12/10 32525 Download
Open Manager Stealth v2.1 I-2 11/17/10 10765 Download

- delete the list of games played to start the application.

- On the Remote-Play option to run OM from PC / PSP remote.

- Added new parameters to indicate the order drawing layers (Fund, cover, block, etc ...), Change the text on / off home / homebrew, and show whether the selected game disk is inside / outside / BR as its parameters to change its location.

Version 2.1h-2:

- Added support for transparent PNG.

- Added message when installing a theme or a jacket in the internal HDD.

Note: It is recommended that you delete the folder \"COVERS\" external HDD to speed up the startup of OM (it is not required to analyze the file).

Version 2.1h-3:

- Adding parameters indicating the size to use for the covers: there IMG_COVER_ORI_W IMG_COVER_ORI_H

- Possibility to choose the jacket used: COVER_TYPE

The values to use:

0: Original (without 3D)

1: Original 3D (uniquemnent the front)

2: 3D Covers (front and rear in a PNG image)

3: Double jacket (front in a PNG image and back into another PNG image)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link