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DVD Enabler v1.0 by mrgatz85
Last Release: Oct 24, 2010
Downloads: 31677

This will let you play Decrypted VOB files on your PlayStation 3. Its simple, straight to the point and allows you to easily reset the DVD drive.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
DVD Enabler (Resigned) v1.0 10/24/10 23840 Download
1) You will need to dump your VOB files .

(I am working on Ubuntu with libdvdcss + vobcopy) in ubuntu you will need to do the run the following commands.

$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

$ sudo apt-get install vobcopy

2) Now with vobcopy installed run this command

$ vobcopy ~/Videos/XXX/

replace XXX with the movies name.

3) Now you need to FTP those VOB files to


replace XXX with the movies name.

for example Hitman unrated looks like this




4) Now Install the DVD ENABLER package...(you should know how)

5) Now insert any DVD

6) OK now run the the DVD ENABLER. it will ask you

Do you want to Enable the DVD ENABLER

Yes will enable it and No will disable it.
Running the program again and saying no will reset it.

7) Now under Videos you should see a data disc. select the data disc and you movies folders should show up. Navigate to the movie folder you want to play and play the first VOB file.

Later Versions I will try to impalement a Built in Copier and Manger.

Word of Warning This is For personal Backup only. Ok i hope everyone enjoys this one. I know i will My Son destroys DVDs left and right.

And if you like it and use it on a reg bases drop me donation. every little bit helps
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
DVD Enabler v1.0 10/24/10 7828 Download