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Snes9x v4.4.9 by SNES9x Team
Last Release: Apr 3, 2011
Downloads: 135421

Port of Snes9x - a Super Nintendo emulator - for the PS3. Note: Installing this will overwrite other versions of SNES9x!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
SNES9x FW1.92 v4.4.9 04/03/11 68676 Download
SNES9x FW1.92 v4.4.6 02/16/11 7211 Download
SNES9x FW3.41 v4.4.6 02/16/11 10465 Download
SNES9x Geohot CFW3.55 v4.4.6 02/16/11 23258 Download
Port of Snes9x - a Super Nintendo emulator - for the PS3. Note: Installing this will overwrite other versions of SNES9x!

Build 4.4.6 (16-02-2010)
- HD version and Normal version merged into one - there are now HD shaders that
do the same as the previous HD version.
* HD shaders (which upscale the resolution to 512x448) instead of hacked
HD version. '4xSoft-HD' is currently the best out of the HD shaders - more to
* The HD version in version 4.4.5 ran in interlaced mode - with the HD
shaders, you can run in either progressive or interlaced mode.
- Fixed PAL50/PAL60 automatic activation in 576i/p mode.
- Fixed Rise Of The Robots interlacing issues - other games which use
interlaced mode also corrected.
- Fixed Multiplayer controls - only player 1 worked.

Build 4.4.5 (14-02-2010)
- New HD Version - every game runs at the SNES' high-resolution mode (512x448
interlaced mode). Try this with the right shader on (4xSoft) and this can make
the games look beautiful. Both progressive (1080p/720p/480p/576p) and interlaced
modes (480i/576i/1080i) work with this - try interlaced for best results.

4xSoft combined with this HD version also beautifies the pseudo hi-res
transparent background layers in Kirby's Dreamland 3.
- Triple Buffering option added - enabled by default. Faster graphics/shader
performance with triple buffering turned on - some potential input lag with
triple buffering on - turn it off in case you experience problems of this
- USB/Bluetooth mouse can be used now for Mouse/Super Scope games.
- Primal Rage works again.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Snes9x FW1.92+ w/ 576p v4.4.1 11/15/10 3990 Download
Snes9x FW1.92+ w/o 576p v4.4.1 11/15/10 2944 Download
Snes9x FW3.41+ v4.4.1 11/15/10 14342 Download
Snes9x for FW1.92+ w/576p v4.4.0 11/12/10 2145 Download
Snes9x for FW1.92+ w/o576p v4.4.0 11/12/10 2061 Download
Snes9x for FW3.41+ v4.4.0 11/12/10 2176 Download
Snes9x FW 1.92+ v4.3.9 11/04/10 2273 Download
Snes9x FW 3.41+ v4.3.9 11/04/10 2499 Download