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HATARI - 3.55 v1.6.1 by rtype
Last Release: Mar 10, 2012
Downloads: 4847

HATARI is an emulator for:
* Atari ST
* Atari STE
* Atari TT
* Atari Falcon
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
HATARI - 3.55 v1.6.1 03/10/12 4841 Download
Quick Install & Start

- Create somes dir in /dev_hdd0/ :
/dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW and
/dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/ and
/dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/TOS/ and

- Put a valid tos named "rom" in:

- Put some ST/MSA dsk in :

- Install the pkg

In-Game Controls

works only with a keyboard & a mouse!

Joypad Controls
L. Stick Joypad Move
Cross Button 1
Square Button 2


Known Problems

- Works only with a keyboard & a mouse cnx to the ps3 !

- Some pb with SDL1.2 hatari code (ex: code Keysym 1.2 different from 1.3) so i make quick dirty hack , not all the keys are working and it's seem to break a lot keyrepeat .

- Hatari & sdlgui use partial screen update , and PS3 SDL don't have hardware cursor code , so i make another quick & very bad hack to show something we can call a mouse pointer (hum i know it's a square) and force the gui redraw , this make the gui very bad and slow, and there is a big lag between mouse action and screen update. Apologize for this.

- In fullscreen mode Gui seem not working correctly so change to desktop mode if needed.

- XMB seem to freeze PS3 when calling from home button so exit from the gui or AltGr-Q combo.

- I ve not tested all the option , just few games , so maybe other pb around ...
Name Version Released Hits DL Link