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gamePKG v1.02 by CaptainCPS-X
Last Release: Jan 11, 2013
Downloads: 71925

gamePKG is an application for the PS3 that allows the user to queue PKG files for later installation from the XMB "without restarting the PS3 at all".

Main objective of this application is to help users on Rogero CFW 4.30 (v2.03) to install PKGs without wasting much time.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
gamePKG v1.02 01/11/13 56380 Download
* Technical Info:

Tested on Rogero CFW 4.30 (v2.03)

Should work on 3.40+ CFW

The application will scan the following directories for PKG files:

- /dev_hdd0/pkg/
- /dev_hdd0/package/

- /dev_usb000/pkg/
- /dev_usb000/package/

- /dev_usb001/pkg/
- /dev_usb001/package/

- /dev_usb002/pkg/
- /dev_usb002/package/

- /dev_usb003/pkg/
- /dev_usb003/package/


- The application handles big PKG files without problem, remember that these take some time to copy, make sure to have at least double the space on the HDD.

- The application doesn't support re-scaning devices for new PKG files (for now)
- The application doesn't verify HDD for previously queued files (for now)
- The application doesn't display a Progress bar (for now)
- The application doesn't support split PKG files (for now)
- The application doesn't support removing Queued PKG (for now)
- The application doesn't have any special GUI (don't know how to, sorry lol)

* Usage:

- Use UP and DOWN to select PKGs
- Press (X) to Queue the selected PKG
- Press (O) to Quit and return to XMB

* Changelog
Changelog 1.01A (20130109)

- Re-wrote device and directory scanning code, now it is case-sensitive
- The following directories are valid for PKG file storage:

Changelog v1.01 (20130109):

- Implemented PKG list sorting by filename.
- Added feature to remove previously queued PKG by pressing ([ ]) square.
- Added scan of PKG files on root of USB devices as well (from "/dev_usb000/" to "/dev_usb003/")
- Added scan of PKG files on "/dev_cf/..." (compact flash), "/dev_sd/..." (sd card), "/dev_ms/..." (memory stick)
- Improved application performance by cleaning up, organizing and simplifying lot of code.
- Copy of PKG files is faster now.
- Re-wrote module to write the PDB & Icon files from scratch.
- Other source code improvements.

* 1.0

- Initial "Test" Release
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
gamePKG v1.01A 01/09/13 4154 Download
gamePKG v1.01 01/09/13 3699 Download
gamePKG v1.0 12/20/12 3883 Download
gamePKG (Resigned) v1.0 12/20/12 3755 Download