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RetroArch v1.8.5 by Themaister/TwinAphex
Last Release: Mar 21, 2020
Downloads: 158027

RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. It has features few other emulators frontends have, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading.

43 Cores:
- 2048
- FBA Alpha 2012 (multiple systems including: Neo Geo, CPS-1, CPS-2, CPS-3, Sega System 16 and System 18)
- FCEU-MM (NES/Famicom)
- FreeIntv (Mattel - Intellivision)
- Fuse (ZX Spectrum)
- Gambatte (Game Boy Color)
- GearBoy (Game Boy Color)
- Gearsystem (Sega Master System / Game Gear)
- Genesis Plus GX (Sega Genesis/Megadrive)
- GW (Handheld Electronic)
- Handy (Atari Lynx)
- Magnavox - Odyssey2 / Phillips Videopac+ (O2EM)
- MAME 2000 / 2003 / 2003+ (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
- Mednafen Lynx (Atari Lynx)
- Mednafen NGP (NeoGeo Pocket)
- Mednafen PCE Fast (PC Engine)
- Mednafen Supergrafx (Beetle SGX)
- Mednafen VB (Virtual Boy)
- Mednafen WSwam (WonderSwam)
- mGBA (Game Boy Advance)
- Nestopia (NES/Famicom)
- NXEngine (Cave Story)
- Outrun Game Engine (Cannonball)
- Palm OS (Mu)
- PokeMini (Nintendo - Pokémon Mini)
- PRBoom (Doom)
- ProSystem (Atari 7800)
- QuickNES (NES/Famicom)
- SNES9x 2005 / SNES9x 2010 (Super Nintendo)
- Stella (Atari 2600)
- TGB Dual (Game Boy Color)
- TyrQuake (Quake 1)
- VBA Next (Game Boy Advance)
- Vectrex (VECX)
- Virtual Jaguar

Download Latest Build v1.8.5: CEX | DEX | ODE
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Use Links in Description ^^ v1.8.5 03/21/20 35297 Download
RetroArch (CEX) - Part 1 v1.0.0.2 03/10/14 55465 Download
RetroArch (CEX) - Part 2 v1.0.0.2 03/10/14 33315 Download

Changes in RetroArch PS3 1.8.5

BUGFIX: Prevent double input when using ‘return’ key (hardware) to close on-screen keyboard
BUGFIX: Fix mouse capture hotkey not working
BUGFIX: Avoid overflow when calculating multiplying performance counter
BUGFIX: Retroarch overlay displaying “Game remap file loaded.” on the overlay instead of “Core remap file loaded.” when only a core remap file is present
CHEEVOS/BUGFIX: Achievement triggers could cause Retroarch to Crash
CHEEVOS: Don’t block Sameboy core because it only exposes some memory
CHEEVOS: Support for extended Sega CD memory
CHEEVOS: Show RetroAchievements Hash in content information list
CHEEVOS: If the core says it’s exposing SYSTEM_RAM, give it the benefit of the doubt
CHEEVOS: RetroAchievements rich presence for website/Discord
CHEEVOS: Reset token when username or password changes
CHEEVOS: Display measured progress on locked achievements
CHEEVOS: Queue multiple popups
CHEEVOS: Add delay retries to leaderboard submits
CHEEVOS: Prevent buffer overflow when encountering an unknown macro
CORE UPDATER: Prevent hang when fetching core list if HTTP transfer fails
DISK CONTROL: Add disk labels to ‘disk inserted’ notifications
EMSCRIPTEN: Recreate input event listeners properly
FFMPEG CORE: Fix crash on seeking when using HW decoding in some cases
LIBRETRO: Add disk control interface API extension
LOCALIZATION: Update French translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Korean translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese Brazilian translation
MENU: Add Menu Scroll Acceleration option
MENU: Automatically select currently checked item when opening drop-down lists
MENU: Fix smooth (vertical) line ticker scroll speed
MENU: Don’t flush on override/remap messages
MENU/DATETIME: Adds some new timedate styles that follow the DD/MM/YYYY format, found in several European countries
MENU/DATETIME: Modifies the existing translation files in order to accommodate the new options that are now available
MENU/DATETIME: Reorders the timedate view options based on a decreasing order of the quantity of information displayed, so that they are more convenient to switch around and easily categorized
MENU/BUGFIX: Fix bug – if you were in XMB and you would set menu driver to RGUI, you could no longer go to the left or right tab
MENU/MATERIALUI: Add option to remove navigation bar
MENU/OZONE: Add DPI-based scaling
MENU/OZONE: Add rudimentary pointer support
MENU/OZONE: Add ‘Nord’ and ‘Gruvbox Dark’ themes
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: Pointer can be used to switch between sidebar and entries list
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: Pointer can be used to select sidebar and entries list items
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: Both sidebar and entries list can be scrolled by dragging
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: Clicking/pressing the header or footer produces a ‘cancel’ action
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: Cursor focus follows mouse pointer from sidebar to entries list (and vice versa)
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: In entries list, item under cursor is automatically selected (with some fudging to ensure this doesn’t break mouse wheel scrolling)
MENU/OZONE/POINTER: In sidebar, item under cursor is not automatically selected (this is too jarring)
MENU/RGUI: Add ‘Flux’ theme
MENU/XMB: New color themes ‘Cube Purple’, ‘Family Red’, etc
NETPLAY/MENU/BUGFIX: Fix Netplay Stateless Mode doesn’t save. Affects other netplay settings which can be overridden by commandline option
ODROID GO ADVANCE: Rotation support
NETPLAY/ROOMS/BUGFIX: Prevent out-of-bounds array indexing when displaying/selecting netplay rooms in menus
SCANNER: Add ‘Arcade DAT Filter’ Option
SCANNER: Add scanning Korea and Asia PS1 discs
SCANNER: Add support for scanning PSP Korean
VIDEO: Set hardware ‘Bilinear filtering’ off by default
VIDEO/WIDGETS: Widgets are now menu-independent
VIDEO/WIDGETS: Allow notifications to use full screen width when not displaying menu
VIDEO/WIDGETS: DPI-based scaling
VIDEO/WIDGETS: Fix volume widget scaling
VIDEO/WIDGETS: Add independent widget scale override settings for fullscreen/windowed modes
VIDEO/WIDGETS/BUGFIX: Prevent improper display of (old style) OSD text when widgets are enabled
VIDEO/WIDGETS/THREADED/BUGFIX: Fix issue – corruption of menu widgets when running some cores (e.g. VICE) with threaded video enabled
WIFI/CONNMANCTL: Display more characters from SSID

RetroArch PS3 v1.0.0.2

RetroArch (64.1 MB) (mediafire)

Part 1 (47.1MB) - Includes:
* Final Burn Alpha (CPS1/CPS2/NeoGeo)
* MAME 0.78 (multi)
* fceum (Nintendo/NES)
* Nestopia (Nintendo/NES)
* Quicknes (Nintendo/NES)
* Snes9x Next (Super Nintendo/SNES)
* Genesis Plus GX (Genesis/Megadrive)
* VBA Next (GameBoy Advance)
* Gambette (Nintendo Gameboy Color/GBC)
* Stella (Atari 2600)

Part 2 (36MB) - Includes:
* Mednafen NGP (NeoGeo Pocket)
* Mednafen PCE (PC Engine/TurboGrafx)
* Mednafen VB (Nintendo Virtual Boy)
* Mednafen WSWAM (Wonder Swam)
* NG Engine (Cave Story)
* PRBoom (Doom)
* TyrQuake (Quake)

Each part can be installed alone.

* [NEStopia] Famicom Disk System support. For Android users - put disksys.rom
into the same folder as the FDS ROM you're trying to load. For everyone else -
put disksys.rom into your system directory.
- Y Button will switch sides of a disk.
- If you get any problems of the sort DISK A / B ERR 07' - pressing Y button again or letting it run its course should do it.
- NOTE - Famicom Disk System loading is slow, so you might be tempted to fast forward through most of it. However, I'd advise caution when doing so and to savestate regularly in case 'fast forwarding' can negatively affect disk loading.
* [FBA core] Various changes/fixes
- Hook up Eco Fighters controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons)
- Hook up Pnickie controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons - press
one of the buttons to progress beyond start screen)
- Hook up Continental Circus controls - Brake 2/Brake 3 (L1/L2 buttons)
and Accelerate 2/Accelerate 3 (R1/R2 buttons)
- Hook up Gun Smoke controls - Start button (needed to progress beyond
title screen)
- Hook up Mighty Pang controls (P1 Shot1/P1 Shot2/P2 Shot1/P2 Shot2)
- Fixed Varia Metal palette
- Fixed Fairyland Story palette
- Fixed Return of the Invaders palette
- Fixed Act-Fancer palette issue
- Endian fixes in the following games (PS3/360/Wii/Gamecube) -
- Surprise Attack
- Rollergames
- Ultra Man
- Oh My Gods
- Moonwalker (Sega System 18 bootleg) [magicseb]
- Hyper Pac
- Snow Bros 1
- Honey Dolls
- Fixes pitch issue in Gals Hustle (will possibly fix more games as well)
* [FBA core] [For Wii/Gamecube/Xbox 1 only] The main FBA version now has CPS1/CPS2/
Neogeo and Mega Drive/PC Engine drivers removed. To play CPS1, use FBA Cores CPS1.
To play CPS2, use FBA Cores CPS2. To play NeoGeo, use FBA Cores Neo.
* [FBA core] Made FBA Cores CPS1 - use this to play CPS1 games (all CPS1 ROMs
fit into memory on Gamecube).
* [Android] Fixed regression where a button bound to AKEYCODE_BACK would 'exit out'
of RetroArch.
* [Android] Fixes Madcatz fighting stick being autodetected properly.
* [Android] Input autodetection expanded -
- iControlpad
* [Gamecube] Made RetroArch cores 'standalone' - ie. no core switching.
* [Xbox 1] Add Low RAM mode - this needs to be used to play games that won't otherwise fit into RAM,
such as Street Fighter Alpha 3/Vampire Savior and other big ROMs in FBA Cores CPS2/NeoGeo/FBA.
* [Unzipping [All consoles/Android]] Moved from rzlib to miniz/minizip -should increase compatibility
with ZIP archives
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
RetroArch (CEX) v0.9.9 05/31/13 12444 Download
RetroArch (CEX) v0.9.8.4 02/18/13 4893 Download
retroArch (CEX) v0.9.8.3 02/11/13 2515 Download
retroArch (CEX) v0.9.8.1 02/02/13 2374 Download
RetroArch (4.xx) v0.9.8 Beta 3 11/29/12 2892 Download
RetroArch 3.40-4.xx v0.9.8 01/25/13 3103 Download
retroArch (CEX) v0.9.7 RC2 08/21/12 2358 Download
retroArch (CEX) v0.9.7 08/24/12 2831 Download