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Solar v4.2 by Condorstrike
Last Release: Oct 8, 2014
Downloads: 17341

Multifunctional Homebrew screensaver
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Solar (Resigned) v4.2 10/08/14 8910 Download
Solar v4.2:

Rebuilt the 3D engine.
Added more items to UI interface.
Added memory counter.
Added FPS (frames per second).
Added better light engine.
Added a 2 hours counter for system turn off.
Added ICON1.PAM (animated icon).
Added an intro loading screen.
Added Solar system trivia.
Added some minor MP3 player tweaks.
Created 2 version (stand-alone/multiMAN & Rogero Manager built in automatic launching).
And a lot more stuff, I should write them down as I golol
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Solar v4.2 06/23/12 2580 Download
Solar (Resigned) v4.2 06/23/12 3885 Download
Solar v4.1 02/29/12 1944 Download