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reActPSN v3.20+ by ccregame
Last Release: Nov 15, 2014
Downloads: 698017

reActPSN is a backup launcher and OFFLINE PSN license generator. This tool lets you backup and restore the licenses of your games without any private information. It can fix selfs and edats, and convert PS2 isos to PS2 Classics.

Video of reActPSN:

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
reActPSN v3.20+ 11/15/14 454998 Download

reActPSN v3.20+

. Added support future CFW until new key added or code structure is changed. It should works on all old CFW. tested on CFW3.55 4.21-4.65, working very well.

reActPSN v3.17

. Added support DEX4.65.
. Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directoy games.

reActPSN v3.16

. Added support CFW4.65.
. Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directory games.

reActPSN v3.15

Fixed CFW4.60 new crash bug when connected some USB storage.
Added support backup games from internal folder GAMEZ.
Fixed CFW4.60 DLC 0x80010038 error.
Added support DEX4.55 CFW4.60.

reActPSN v3.14

Added support CFW4.60.

reActPSN v3.13

- (poorly translated)
* Enhanced bd direct boot game list algorithm,
* Fixed several bugs.

reActPSN v3.12

* Added auto copy external splitted game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector.
* Added forced copy external splitted game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector & bdloader.
* Added forced remove of game's internal copy (HDD0/GAMES) for bdselector & bdloader.
* Added support for CFW4.55.

reActPSN v3.11

* Added BDselector safe mode, support launch game from original BD icon.

* Added professional (fix seg6001) downgrade backup games & patches to BDselector & BDloader.

* Added forced repair incorrect downgraded by other game managers.

* Added remove webMAN's lastgame.txt, so it works very well on Cobra CFW.

reActPSN v3.10

Added new payload named GMmount: Direct boot any game from XMB is now possible.

This version support max 9 direct boot games: that is 7 last played games, 1 HDD0 new game, 1 USB new game.

Very simple to use, put the game to boot on an external hard disk, then run reActPSN,

Start the new game directly under the original disc icon.

reActPSN V3.10 Quick Start Guide

Basic function

Create aa user and run reActPSN to generate PSN license from USB/exdata.

Button controls

Hold the following buttons for 6 seconds when launching reActPSN.

[L1] Reinstall RAPs&EDATs from USB0/exdata or USB1/exdata folder.
[L2] Backup RAPs&EDATs to USB/reActPSN/pubPSN/
[R1] Backup reg&rif&edat to USB/reActPSN/
[R2] Backup full fixed NPD files to /USB/reActPSN/FixedPSN.
[O] Fix PSone/PSPminis/THEME & generate C00 activation edat license.
[X] Batch installs PS2 ISO from USBorHDD/PS2ISO. Flawlessly same as PSN pkg install.
[∆] Fix PSN retail to free.stage1:fix all eboot and start hook,play,stage2:fix sprx edat etc.
[□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ, output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
[∆+R2] Fix PSN and make all NPD FIX pkg to USB/. same as PSN crack patch.
[R2+L2] Make only 'Fixedby reActPSN' NPD FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
[R2+L1] Make all files FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
[R1+L2] Make retail NPDRM files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
[R1+L1] Make retail all files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
[RIGHT] 8 seconds CEX2DEX&DEX2CEX.
[DOWN] Patch VSH to run reActPSN2.0 and enable screen shoot..
[LEFT] Disable/Enable all users rif license(remove/restore act.dat).

BDloader functions

Install and run any BDloader after one KEY 18 seconds, play BD games.
[∆] BD games unloader.
[□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ,output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/..
[L1] Forced downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20. Dont forget install bubble pkg.
[LEFT] Delete current user's all games Trophy.

BDselector functions

Run reActPSN or BDloader, use last BD icon to change Mount Games from XMB.

How to use:

<1> PLAY BD backup games with BDdirectboot, supported CFW4.30 to CFW4.53.
Run reActPSN, 9 BD icon (7 last play games, 1 hdd0 new game, 1 USB new game) will be added.
<2> PLAY BD backup games with BDselector, supported CFW4.21 to CFW4.53.
Run reActPSN or BDloader,use last BD icon to change mount Games from XMB,
Run PS3 Games from the XMB on 1st BD icon(app_home),
Or run any directboot game then launching it from orignal BD icon.
Or run it from orignal BD icon when this icon and title belongs same one game.
<3> PLAY BD backup games with BDloader
Run reActPSN or any BDloader with holding SQUARE to make all BDloader PKGs.
Install you favorite rBL_xxxx.pkg from HDD/packages or USB/.
run it, waiting 18 secondes then play BD game, or directboot this game.
<4> Flawlessly to play all PSN contents.
(1) Download psnstuff v1.82,download psn contents and store RAP&edat files.
(2) Put exdata folder with rap's on usb, create 'aa' user and run reActPSN.
(3) Install PSN and playing...
(4) Put exdata folder with new raps on usb, holding L1 button for 8s and run reActPSN.
Install new PSN and play new PSN games.
<5> Play C00 type PSN games without rap&edat. [O] to activate it to full game.
<6> Share your RAPs to others same as psnstuff, [L1] will help you.
<7> Share your PSN crack patch to others.
(1) Downloads PSN (1942 flower rain DLC) from PSN store(or install&play it with psnstuff).
(2) Insert USB disk to usb0 or usb1.
(3) Run reActPSN and holding ∆ triangle button for 6 seconds.
(4) Play 1942,flower,rain,BD or PSN dlc.
(5) Run reActPSN and holding triangle+R2 button for 6 seconds, then check your USB disk.
(*) Do not insert any usb disk,[R2+R1] can create >4GB pkg on hdd0/packages.
<8> Flawlessly to install PS2 ISO. (Require CFW>4.20 and has been installed any RAP)
(1) Copy few or many PS2 ISO files to USB/PS2ISO and run reActPSN with hold X.
(2) Install bubble pkg on XMB.
(*) For >4GB PS2 ISO, copy it to dev_hdd0/PS2ISO, do not insert USB, then [X]...
PS2 ICON will be displayed if you have installed a full version MM.
(1) SET QA, 3.55CFW, [RIGHT] [RIGHT].
(2) 8s CEX2DEX DEX2CEX, REX4.21 or REX4.46 on slim, [RIGHT], its safe.
(3) FIX VSH, works on every CFW. screen shot patch is added.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
reActPSN v3.17 11/01/14 8923 Download
reActPSN v3.16 08/31/14 8941 Download
reActPSN v3.15 07/09/14 24356 Download
reActPSN v3.14 06/29/14 5381 Download
reActPSN v3.13 02/15/14 67632 Download
reActPSN v3.12 02/11/14 4733 Download
reActPSN v3.11 01/20/14 6728 Download
reActPSN v3.10 01/01/14 5271 Download
reActPSN v3.02 12/09/13 1979 Download
reActPSN v3.01 12/01/13 7416 Download
reActPSN v3.00 11/07/13 6836 Download
reActPSN v2.28 10/29/13 31694 Download
reActPSN with Custom PIC1 v2.28 10/29/13 2542 Download
reActPSN v2.27 08/17/13 8523 Download
reActPSN with Custom PIC1 v2.27 08/27/13 3148 Download
reActPSN v2.26 05/06/13 2522 Download
reActPSN v2.25 04/15/13 9564 Download
reActPSN v2.24 beta1 03/26/13 3254 Download
reActPSN v2.24 beta 03/20/13 2558 Download
reActPSN v2.23 12/11/12 4927 Download
reActPSN v2.22 08/10/12 3345 Download
reActPSN v2.20 01/23/12 3153 Download
reActPSN v2.10 01/08/12 2463 Download
reActPSN v2.00 10/28/11 2896 Download
reActPSN v1.11 07/05/11 2499 Download
vsh.self Patcher for reActPSN 2.xx v1.0 11/08/11 9455 Download