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Fceu NES v1.4 by snes9x-ps3 team
Last Release: Jan 11, 2011
Downloads: 54792

NES Emulator - PS3 port of FCEU an emulator for NES games. Has 480p, 720p, 1080p support. Now has shaders.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
FCEU CFW 3.55 (geohot) v1.4 01/11/11 35666 Download
FCEU FW 3.41 v1.4 01/11/11 6961 Download
FCEU FW1.92 v1.4 01/11/11 4235 Download
NES Emulator - This version is for PS3s with firmware 3.41+. PS3 port of FCEU an emulator for NES games. Has 480p, 720p, 1080p support.

Build 1.4 (11/01/2011)
- PAL ROMs now run correctly - autodetection of PAL/NTSC for No-Intro set.
- Automatic 576p PAL50/PAL60 switching.
- Cheatfile (CHT) support.
- Game Genie ROM support.
- Added 'Sprite Limitation' option.
- All paths (savestate directory/base directory/SRAM directory/default ROM
directory) can now be changed.
- RSound support.
- Configurable controls.
- Geohot 3.55 CFW build.

Updated to 1.3
- Shaders! (hurray!) You can adjust them whenever you want from the settings menu.
- Settings do save, default better and load properly now.
- Lots of other bug fixes.

- .zip support
- SRAM support
- State save
- 4P Support
- Settings save and load
- Shader support (Cg format)
- Not all shaders run full speed at 1080p.
- Try lower the resolution for shaders which run slow.
- Aspect ratio makes a difference as well.


Up - Go up
Down - Go down
Left - Go back five file entries
Right - Go forward five file entries
L1 - Go back one page
R1 - Go forward one page

Cross - (If directory selected) enter directory/ (if ROM selected) start ROM
Triangle - Same as Cross
Circle - (If not in root directory) Go back to previous directory
L2 + R2 - (If you previously exited a ROM) return to game
Select - Go to settings menu (see 'CONTROLS IN SETTINGS MENU' section)

L2+L3 - State Load
R2+R3 - State Save


Up - Go up one setting
Down - Go down one setting
Left - Change setting to the left
Right - Change setting to the right

Circle - Go back to ROM menu

Display framerate - This will show the FPS (Frames Per Second) onscreen
Current save state slot - Toggle FCEU save state slot.
Resolution - Switch between resolutions - 480p mode, 720p mode and 1080p mode (depending on your monitor's supported resolutions)
Aspect Ratio - Switch between aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:10 (16:9 will come shortly, for now choose 16:10 on widescreen - perhaps small
cutoff at left and right))
Hardware Filtering - Switch between Linear interpolation (Bilinear filtering) and Point filtering.
Control Style - Switch between original NES style or the more preferred SNES style.
Shader - Select a shader to use.

Standard NES Controls (layout identical to NES controller)
Better NES Controls (rotates input changing Square->B, Cross->A)

R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.

Right analog left / right - Adjust save state on the fly.

R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.

TIP: You can use any USB controller you like and it will map the buttons on the fly - it is even possible to hotswap joysticks - remove one from the
USB port, replace it with another one - it should all work fine. even SNES-to-USB converters should work.

To play a game with a USB controller as Player 1, start up your PS3 and rather than using the Sixaxis/DualShock3, plug in an USB port before
connecting the controller to the PS3 - your USB pad should then become Controller 1.


* For people running this on HDTVs complaining about input lag:
- Turn off all post-processing filters you may have running - on Sony Bravia HDTVs, display Motion Flow (this also causes input lags
with most games in general, not just this SNES emu. If your HDTV has a 'Game' mode or something of the sort, select that as well.

* Stock shader will run all games at 60fps.
* Some shaders are very taxing currently.
* PAL runs way to fast.

- GameGenie
- Pretty GUI.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
FCEU for FW 1.92+ v1.3 11/14/10 2410 Download
FCEU for FW 3.41+ v1.3 11/14/10 5267 Download