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Open Manager v1.17.3 by moh.sakaii
Last Release: Oct 20, 2010
Downloads: 42990

An open-source backup manager for the PS3. Note: installing this will overwrite other Manager applications
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Open Manager v1.17.3 10/20/10 9636 Download
V1.1 changelog
- Added the controller fix with the help of hermes, but he didn't know that his fix could screw some other games.
- If you press R2, you will toggle the controller fix.

Also an indicator for normal and patched mode will be available in version 1.12.

Games that are fixed with Open Manager v1.1 patched mode
1- Street fighter 4.
2- Super street fighter 4.
3- Eye Pet (Move game)
4- F1 2010 (everybody here eventually got it working )
5- NBA 2K11.
6- White Album (A Japanese visual novel/game)
7- Racket Sports (Move game)
8- Mortal combat (Move game)

v1.12 changelog
- Added "patched mode"/"Normal mode" labels to the top-right corner of the game-title screen.
- game names will always show correctly after switching to "Normal mode".

v1.13 changelog
- The first state of the label is now corrected, as it was showing normal mode on start.

v1.14 changelog
It's a minor update
- Corrected the spelling and grammar problems of the first release thanks to DJLO
- changed the icon to what is provided by ir00t
- The Open manager termination will be done without crashing if user presses the PS button and selects the “Quit Game” menu.

v1.14.2 changelog
Another minor update
- You can now use left arrow and right arrow for page-down and page-up functionality in game list.
- Free space will be shown below each device and notice that depending on the amount the unit will change to GB,MB,KB or B.

v1.15 changelog
- Removed that patch mode as it is no longer needed.

v1.16 changelog
- patched mode returns and now works for hermes V3 and previous versions that include peek/poke calls (v > psgroove 1.1)
Notes: patched mode in hermes V3 is an aggressive mode for those of you who still have problems with hermes v3 normal mode, again do not use patched mode in normal games without issue or for normal operations like FTP/COPY.

v1.17 changelog
- Open manager has been built with the new SDK 3.40, Note that unlike some others that couldn't figure out how to build it with the libftp, it now builds with 3.40 without any problem.
- PL3 is now fully supported and syscall35 is used although no compatibility is gained from this.
- Previous payloads are still supported (PSGroove > 1.1), open manager detects your current payload and acts accordingly, therefore patched mode is still available for older payloads.

v1.17.1 changelog
- Reverted back to using SDK 1.92. There was two reasons for this. First to make it compatible with older firmwares like 3.15 and second, there is no reason to update the SDK just yet.
- Mounting to app_home now works without problem.

V1.17.2 changelog
- A quick fix for people with fw < 3.40. Open manager no longer prompts these users to update their firmware.

V1.17.3 changelog
- Just a quick update, a package with signed self to be installable on kmeaw's MFW.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Open Manager v1.17.2 10/18/10 6368 Download
Open Manager v1.17.1 10/17/10 3221 Download
Open Manager v1.17 10/17/10 3200 Download
Open Manager v1.16 10/06/10 3517 Download
Open Manager v1.15 10/06/10 3237 Download
Open Manager v1.14.2 10/05/10 3444 Download
Open Manager v1.14 10/03/10 3359 Download
Open Manager v1.13 10/01/10 3494 Download
Open Manager v1.00 09/29/10 3408 Download